Semi Update – MP Boomerang Radar Units
May 13, 2023
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September 17, 2023

Proceeding with the semi props, I shifted my focus to the small glass coffee table where Devon was frequently seen sitting throughout the series. Interestingly, I had never noticed that the phone's base and answering machine were recessed into the table. Identifying the phone model was facilitated by the Knight Rider Historians, who revealed it to be a cordless RadioShack model ET-330. Locating references for this item proved to be a challenge. After extensively searching through Google Images, I eventually stumbled upon an old advertisement from 1981 that served as a valuable reference point.

Swiftly, I created a sketch in Adobe Illustrator as a foundation for my work in Fusion 360. After a couple of hours, the result is somewhat close, at least in my opinion. I managed to capture the basic shape with the limited references available. Some details are slightly off, such as the size of the RadioShack logo and the location of the bottom microphone opening, but these are adjustments I can easily make later on. Moving on to the answering machine and phone's base, this step only took a few minutes, and the desk was finally complete. I also wanted to include a couple of bonus props on the desk. Beginning with the com-link, while it may not have been seen in this form on the show, considering how frequently Michael damaged them, it's plausible to believe that Bonnie or April would have a backup on hand. This 1:8 scale com-link is based on the drawings featured in "Knight Rider Companion" by Nick Nugent.

Believe it or not, the most challenging aspect of creating the com-link was the watch band. It wasn't necessarily the design that posed a challenge, but rather my lack of experience in rigging something like a watch band with a functional clasp in Fusion 360 before taking on this project. After searching on YouTube for rigging tutorials, I was finally able to successfully rig the watch, complete with a functional watch band. This feature will prove useful for achieving different poses for the watch if needed. However, I didn't stop there. After rigging the watch band, I realized I wanted to craft a watch stand (STL will be made available for free on Cults3D after a test print). Drawing inspiration from references in the "Knight Rider Companion," I designed the stand based on the steering yoke emblem.


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