Semi Update – Feng shui
May 9, 2023
Semi Update – Desk and more furniture
June 8, 2023

Next up on my list is another famous prop by Modern Props known as the Boomerang Rader Units. 3 of these units were made in total with 1 being made to be a single light up box, think for displaying X-rays to a patient with a broken bone. The 2 units we care about featured all kinds of modular electronics, handles galore, keypads, blinking led buttons, record player shells and even speaker inputs. This allowed the units to be quickly customized for different needs. These props ended up in a lot of different tv shows and movies throughout the years such as Battle Star Galactica, The Last Star Fighter, Airplane II, V: The Series, Bones, Knight Rider 2008, and so many more. 

In early Season 1 of Knight Rider, the units were displayed at the back of the semi in its original stark white wooden frame configuration. When the semi received its redesign the set crew added the darker tan wood grain to match the rest of the mobile office interior. Again, a huge thanks to Nick Nugent author of Knight Rider Companion and host of Knight Rider Reunion for the information above regarding these units. Nick rented these units for his reunion event and was able to provide amazing detailed photos and dimensions of the props. Nick also made some incredible 2d vectors of the units as well, and I can't stress enough how those references really aided me in the 3d design.

Early 3D Rendering WIP

[smart-product id=1493 border=false autoplay=true interval=90 ]


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