Historians and an Inventory Status
March 7, 2024

Quick note to the community: I'm going to try to adhere to a release schedule from now on. Additionally, I'm expanding the farm by adding a new resin printer to expedite production and maintain stock levels. I understand I mentioned this last month, but I encountered a family medical emergency over the past six weeks, which made it challenging to keep up. Fortunately, things are returning to normal now. At the end of the month, I'll be hiring an employee to handle shipping and other mundane tasks, allowing me more time to focus on painting and producing parts for you all. I acknowledge that I've been promising a lot of new developments, and I assure you they are in progress. I understand that many builders are becoming frustrated and eager to complete their projects or are awaiting the anticipated Mike Lane dash upgrade. Nevertheless, I believe it's well worth the wait before attaching the body to the chassis. Now, let's move on to that schedule:


Tonight at midnight EST April 9th 2024, or April 10th if you want to be technical the following products will be restocked:

* Dashpad Kit
* Gas & Brake Pedals
* Scanner Upgrade
* TV/Monitor Bezels
* Side Molding
* Lower Consoles
* Tape Decks

NEW Items

Note: These items still have paint drying and won't be listed until the following night, April 10th 2024

* Taillight Upgrade
* Brickstuff Scanner Housing Upgrade

Next Restock estimate 04/27/24

* Alpha Circuits
* Energy Cells
* Stone Guards
* Turn Signal Lens Covers
* Additional Tape Decks
* Additional Lower Consoles

Possible Releases
* Dash Overlays - New piece(s) being added to kit (voice box overlay and pods)
* Door interior Trim
* License Plate Flipper
The biggest question I get asked is where is the Dash Panel overlays upgrade? Community legend and designer Christian Witt is hard at work redesigning the voice box area to be screen accurate. I want to add his additional piece to the set to make it a more complete item. Bear with us guys, changes are coming!


December 14, 2023
A New Batch of Products!
Greetings everyone, I trust this blog post finds you in good health. I apologize for my extended absence in updates, as I have been diligently working behind the scenes on the site and finalizing parts for the shop. An inventory refresh is imminent, and you may have already noticed the addition of four new parts to the store.
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