Welcome to my world, the world of theknightrider.

 Hello and welcome to my obsession. My name is Ken Beard, and I'm the driving force behind Kenneth Toys LTD. My goal here is simple yet hopefully profound. I want to offer my fellow passionate hobbyist out there the most accurate and affordable parts for our Fanhome 1:8 Knight 2000 builds. I also want to offer you other great quality products such as my 3d printed dioramas and my custom Hot Wheels creations. Each creation is a testament to my dedication, and is only shipped if it would be acceptable to be placed in my own personal collection. In the future I also plan to recreate many 1:8 scale prop replicas from the show as possible, along with a complete 1:8 semi trailer display set.

I have been a fan of Knight Rider since I could talk. It was more than just a show; it was almost like a bridge that connected me with my father. Together, we shared countless evenings watching the show, bonding over our shared fascination of a man and his talking car. Life, however, took a somber turn when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. When he passed away, a piece of me went with him and my passion for the show just grew from there.


The Legend - Michael Scheffe

Considered the godfather of Knight Rider among fans, Michael Scheffe is the construction coordinator for K.I.T.T. and largely responsible for K.I.T.T.'s overall appearance throughout the entire series.

The early years - U.S.M.C. 2002-2006

After my military service, I transitioned into civilian communications. Unfortunately, while working in the field in late 2010, I sustained an injury. This incident left me with a rare chronic pain disease, necessitating an early medical retirement. Since then, I have developed a strong interest in a few distinct hobbies, with my primary focus on 3D modeling, 3D printing, and various home manufacturing methods. These newfound skills sparked a fresh enthusiasm within me. 3D printing, with its precision and potential, became a literal canvas for my digital creative abilities. It provided me with a means to channel my passion for Knight Rider into this burgeoning hobby.

Not only will you discover products related to the 1:8 scale here, but also digital files suitable for 3D printing enthusiasts who prefer to print and complete these items themselves. This includes lifetime download access, complimentary updates, and the possibility for merchants to offer these items on there own websites. In the future, we intend to incorporate tutorials and assembly videos into the members' area. My wife, Erika, who is part of Dragon Fire Creations, LLC, also assists in crafting tumblers, pens, coasters, and an array of other bespoke items that can be personalized to your preferences. While the website will eventually feature a customization option, you can presently use the contact form to reach out to us for a tailored order.


KITT vs KARR Reunion

Ed Crick and Jeffrey Osterhage were both amazing people. I can't recommend the Southern Knights event enough, you really get to meet some absolute legends from the Knight Rider community.

A Historian and a Technician

A.J. from Knight Rider Historians and the always beautiful Rebecca Holden at SKA - 2022. Another pair of amazing people.

Although I'm relatively new to the market of designing and creating parts, I'm certainly not a stranger to the expansive Knight Rider community. I've been a part of it for over 25 years, deeply ingrained in the KITT building scene. I believe I've built a trusted reputation within our community during this time. I'm hopeful that you'll provide me with an opportunity to cater to your hobby building needs, and perhaps even consider sharing your experience with us through a review. Your time and attention in delving into my story and mission are greatly appreciated. I anticipate your continued interest, and I'd be delighted if you chose to bookmark our page, as there are exciting developments on the horizon!

With all that being said, this website would not have been possible without my close friend, who is like a brother to me. He's the author of two Knight Rider books, an incredibly talented digital artist, and has consistently been one of my most reliable friends within and outside the Knight 2000 hobby. I can't express enough gratitude to Nick for allowing me to use his artwork and giving me permission to use his 2D vector work for the FLAG Semi. He pretty much gave me an excellent and highly accurate set of blue prints to work from. Without all of his extensive research, I truly doubt this project would have been feasible.

Lastly, I want to extend a massive thank you to two individuals, A.J. and Joe, over at Knight Rider Historians. Your YouTube channel and expertise in documenting the restoration of the semi and trailer have been invaluable. If it weren't for your channel, I would have been attempting to locate one for sale in the middle of America for reference photos—definitely a potentially awkward situation!



Ounce upon a time I had a dream to make and produce a video game with my brother Nick Nugent. Unfortunately reality sat in with very little to no budget. I hope one day to bring it back, but for now 3d printing is my true love.