Hello, and welcome to: The Official Home of: One 3D Print can make a difference, Michael. Affordable Fanhome/DeAgostini Upgrades 1:8 FLAG Semi Project HW Scale Dioramas Custom Pens and Tumblers SHIPPING WITHIN 48 HOURS!* Christian Witt *Sunday not included in shipping estimates. Only applies to items in stock. FANHOME F collection is now in stock! K.I.T.T. 3D Printed replacement parts and upgrades at affordable/budget prices that won't break the bank. Shipping from the U.S.A. via U.S.P.S. worldwide, don't see your country listed? Contact us! No hidden fees or taxes, everything is already adjusted into the price. (Excludes any VAT taxes) Why us? OFFICIAL HOME OF THE 1:8 F.L.A.G. SEMI PROJECT Same scale as the Fanhome/DeAgostini Knight 2000 Model at 7 feet long with optional kitchenette Modular set, purchase or print as much of the semi as you like Full STL sets come with free lifetime updates STL's include optional prints for working electronics and lights 1:25 1:24 1:32 1:64 prints and STL options are available * RELEASE STATUS - W.I.P. WORK IN PROGRESS STATUS - SLICING FILES Coming Soon: Crate Chevy 350 Engine Featuring the planned following: Uses as much of the original hardware and mounting points as possible Highly detailed screen accurate (used in stunt cars) V8 engine that replaces the Chrysler Turbine Screen accurate factory dual exhaust with mufflers to replace the flat straight pipe Chrysler Turbine exhaust Modular setup for print or purchase. You choose which options you want, Example: Crossfire Fuel Injection or carburetor. Details like sparkplugs and distributor will not go unnoticed Will be available in DIY kits or fully finished and assembled for drop in replacement * RELEASE STATUS - W.I.P. EARLY WORK IN PROGRESS STATUS STL purchase includes lifetime file updates


Hello and welcome to! The home of Kenneth Toys LTD. Your new stop on the net to find 1:8 Scale upgrade parts for your Fanhome, Deagostini, and Altaya KITT builds. You've also found the official home of the 1:8 FLAG Semi Trailer project. Our site is best experienced on desktop.
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Custom Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels Diorama's are on the way!
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Check out some hand made custom products like Tumblers, Ink Pens,
Car Coasters, and other cool stuff made by my wife, Erika! 



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