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Replace the provided inaccurate season 4 console with a proper 3 piece Season 1 lower console upgrade with built in dash support. Featuring transparent buttons that can be lit up with an led, it be mounted with original hardware or use our included coinvent 3M double sided tape (the yellow seen in the video) to securely adhere this piece to the center console of your build. This 3D print is made from UV resin, air brushed satin black, and sealed in a matte clear coat. Fit’s the K2000 build from Fanhome, DeAgostini, and Altaya 1:8 scale models. Please scroll down for more product information, screen shots, and video.


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Warranty: 30 Days

Additional information

Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 3 cm

First 10 orders include a free 1:8 hand painted ATARI 2600 controller!

Pedro Santamaria has absolutely captured the iconic look of the first season lower console with stunning accuracy. These lower console upgrades come air brushed in matte black, sealed with matte gloss, and also come with pre-installed 3M double sided sticky adhesive for an easy to install upgrade. Optionally (and recommend for best results) you can use the original mounting hole and hardware provided with the kit to hold the piece in place for a more permanent fit.

These parts are made from a custom UV resin formula consisting of SIRAYA Blu, SIRAYA Smokey Black ABS Like Resin, and SUNLU ABS Like Gray. My smaller parts are designed to be able to have some flex, while larger items have an ABS like strength to them, and can withstand a drop from a 4-5 foot height and not break or shatter.

This mod fits:

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