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This more accurate KITT Scanner upgrade replaces the round scanner provided in the Knight 2000 build. Features square openings, chrome paint where appropriate, and reuses the original provided mounting hardware. For a limited time this package includes a free yellow KARRR lens. This 3D print is made from UV resin, air brushed satin black, and sealed in a matte clear coat. Fit’s the K2000 build from Fanhome, DeAgostini, and Altaya 1:8 scale models.


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Weight1 oz
Dimensions4 × 3 × 0.3 in

 ENDING SOON: Includes FREE optional yellow K.A.R.R. lens!

Why is it called the "Larson" scanner? This style design was envisioned by Glen L. Larson back in the 70's for Battlestar Galactica for his Cylon robots. He liked the effect so much that he incorporated it into K.I.T.T.'s design. The "Larson" scanner name was first coined by back in 2007.

This mod fits:

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