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September 17, 2023
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September 28, 2023

A long time ago, I embarked on a venture to create a video game named "Knight Rider: The Fan Game." The vision was to craft an expansive open-world adventure using the Unity game engine. Regrettably, life presented several challenges that made completing this endeavor a formidable task. Primarily, financial constraints proved to be a significant hurdle, given the exorbitant costs associated with game development. Developing an open-world game with a small team of only two people was particularly challenging, and we opted for an engine swap because Unity did not possess the requisite power for our ambitions.

To truly make substantial progress, we needed numerous kits and plugins from the marketplace, but we were unable to solicit donations or run a Kickstarter campaign due to clear legal restrictions. Consequently, seeking public assistance was not an option, nor was it something I desired. Over the course of several years, a substantial portion of the team has dispersed and moved on, as we reached a stalemate in our progress.

Compounding the challenges, my Facebook account was banned and subsequently deleted due to an accusation of identity theft. Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain the cause or have a human investigate this matter. This led to the loss of access to the official Facebook page a few years ago. Despite these setbacks, Daan and I continue to work on the project during our free time. Our efforts largely involve porting existing work from Unity to the Unreal Engine and ensuring that the completed art, including characters and vehicles, is up to the latest standards.

I extend my gratitude to all those who have followed this project throughout the years. Rest assured, the project is very much alive and will resurface at a later date. I sincerely apologize to those who may be disappointed with the amount of time this project has taken. When the moment arrives and we have something substantial to share, you'll be able to find the project hosted at knightridergame.com. I invite you to join us in that exciting phase.


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