Fanhome Build – Che diavolo era?
Giugno 27, 2022
Progetto Semi – Espositore pensile MP18
Maggio 6, 2023

Ho notato che nell'hobby Fanhome le mie capacità modellistiche potrebbero non essere così necessarie per la costruzione del Knight 2000, soprattutto considerando il notevole talento e i progetti che ho visto in vari gruppi Facebook. Di conseguenza, ho deciso di aumentare la mia competenza in Fusion 360 e di lanciarmi una sfida importante: creare una vetrina di grande effetto per l'auto. Da oggi ho iniziato a lavorare su quello che spero diventerà il più preciso modello in scala 3D della replica del set di semirimorchi F.L.A.G. disponibile. Se i miei calcoli per le dimensioni e la scala sono accurati, questa stampa 3D sarà lunga ben 7 o 8 piedi. Naturalmente, questa non sarà l'unica scala che intendo offrire. Sono intenzionato a produrre anche versioni in scala 1/64, 1/32 e 1/25, per soddisfare gli appassionati di Hot Wheels, Jada Toys e MPC/AMT. Se le mie capacità di modellazione si dimostreranno all'altezza, intendo rendere disponibili per l'acquisto i file STL stampabili e, dato il mio status di artista CAD dilettante, non farò pagare una cifra esorbitante per questi file.

To kick off this project, I devoted most of my day to researching Dorsey trailers and gathering an extensive collection of reference photos from the USA Blu-ray release. Coincidentally, the Knight Rider Historians are in the process of restoring the actual screen-used rig and trailer from the series. Joe's videos provided crucial insights into the panels, dividers, posters, and precise measurements. I believe the logical starting point is to incorporate a reference for KITT, aligning it with the Fanhome car's scale, and use it as a guide for measurements until I acquire more accurate references. The initial extrusion you see is the floor, and based on my observations, it doesn't resemble diamond-plated metal like the closed ramp. Instead, it appears to have a raised circular pattern. Until I obtain a more accurate reference, I'll use diamond-plated steel as a temporary placeholder, with the flexibility to make adjustments later on. If you know what this flooring is called or have any idea what it is, please comment below and let me know!

My objective for today is to complete a significant portion of the first half of the interior walls and frame. In this endeavor, the Knight Rider Historians played a vital role by reaching out to the public for assistance in locating precisely these parts. Consequently, I had access to two images that will be immensely helpful in this process. These two photos alone provided valuable insights into the nature of the corrugated steel wall panels. While accounting for 3D printing limitations, I'll need to slightly enlarge the holes in the dividers. However, aside from that, this represents a significant advancement in the right direction. Additionally, I observed a noteworthy detail towards the far left—specifically, the meeting of braces in small corner pieces at the bottom. This is a detail I would have certainly overlooked had it not been for Bonnie being underneath KITT.

From that point, everything else came together quite smoothly. I managed to capture some excellent shots of the semi stage from the show. Although the clarity of these USA Blu-rays could have been better, they provided enough information to comprehend the fundamental frame and wall layout. Once this was deciphered, it was a matter of simple copy and paste to finalize the walls and supports. I incorporated some of the posters and began outlining the prominent wall desk. Following that, I proceeded to work on the ceiling lights, intending to have them raised to accommodate real LED lights. Feel free to peruse the gallery to the right for photos showcasing the progress made throughout the rest of the day.


Dicembre 14, 2023
Una nuova serie di prodotti!
Saluti a tutti, confido che questo post del blog vi trovi in buona salute. Mi scuso per la mia prolungata assenza dagli aggiornamenti, poiché ho lavorato diligentemente dietro le quinte sul sito e per finalizzare i componenti per il negozio. Un aggiornamento dell'inventario è imminente, e potreste già aver notato l'aggiunta di quattro nuove parti al negozio.
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