April Inventory Status
April 9, 2024

When things go wrong, don't go with them. - Elvis Presley

Hello everyone,

I trust you all enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. To get directly to the point, I experienced a shipping issue wherein a large order of resin was lost by Amazon. This resulted in me having to wait for a refund during a bank holiday, instead of Amazon replacing my order outright. Consequently, I was unable to fulfill my promise of restocking the store this week with the stone guards and lens covers. Surprisingly, these items are quite challenging to print, finish, and paint, and I anticipate that it will be another week before they are available in the store.

I have been implementing some subtle adjustments to the website behind the scenes, and I believe I have now resolved the font issues, which should make the text more legible. We are also excited to introduce some upcoming features, including free shipping on orders over $100 for residents of the USA, as well as a returns and refund policy for damaged or broken parts. Additionally, I am focusing on enhancing the user experience for the mobile version of the site to improve overall usability. Although much progress has been made, I am not completely satisfied with the website's design as of yet, and I continue to work towards the ideal presentation.

Now, onto some positive updates! Christian has contributed several new parts, one of which is now available in the shop! I am excited to introduce the newly redesigned screen-accurate tow bar from Seasons 1 and 2. Christian has not only achieved remarkable accuracy, but he has also incorporated intricate details such as the weld line marks. His attention to detail is truly remarkable!



The innovation doesn't end there. Christian has meticulously designed an impressive lower console for season two, which has become one of the most requested items since our website's launch. He has dedicated numerous hours to researching the part and even more to modeling it, ensuring it is as accurate to the original as possible. You'll find that 'accuracy' is a term that will be frequently mentioned around here in the upcoming months!

Isn't that just incredible? Keep in mind, this is still a beta design; it's not even the final model yet. When will it be available? Hopefully, within 2-3 weeks at most! I've just added a brand new 12k Resin Printer to my little printing farm in the workshop, which should help increase output for all of you. But that's not all the news. You know the unattractive seat belts that Fanhome included? Well, now you can at least make them look screen accurate. Christian has heavily immersed himself in modeling these new seatbelt guides! I was waiting for the perfect item to pair with the chrome door L trim, and I believe this will be it. Jenevieve has already installed them, and they look absolutely amazing!

Well, that's all I have to share for May, but I'll leave you with a teaser. We're working on something BIG. If you're aiming to get your car looking as close to the hero car as possible, you're going to love this upcoming project. I would suggest holding off on mounting the body to the chassis for as long as you can. With that said, we're looking forward to June and the introduction of some exciting new products. Take care, everyone!


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